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Here's how our technology has helped our customers grow their business, process more passenger bookings and recruit more drivers.

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Abba Cars

All in all, I would wholeheartedly and honestly recommend the Cordic system to any fleet owner

“All in all, I would wholeheartedly and honestly recommend the Cordic system to any fleet owner who is looking to have full and fair control over their operation and is looking to have the best and most reliable system as part of their tools to grow their business in this challenging time.“

The Passenger App helped Lawlor Cars quadruple their app bookings

The amount of control we now have on the App is phenomenal

“The amount of control we now have on the App is phenomenal. Allowing us to offer introductory vouchers is just one example which has led to us quadrupling our app bookings since July.” – Lawlor Cars

Hampden Cars

We also have 24/7 support from Cordic

“We have IVR, Web Booker, Taxi Butler – and are excited about future features. We also have 24/7 support from Cordic... but to be honest, we have rarely needed to contact them outside normal working hours.”

Your Local Car

The company uses Cordic technology to monitor cars at every stage of the journey

"Your Local Car uses robust, industry-led technology to make life easier for their customers. The company uses Cordic technology to monitor cars at every stage of the journey, keeping the customer informed of arrival times via SMS, email or the app. The system automatically issues receipts, so it’s easy for businesses and individuals alike to track their expenses” – Your Local Car

Speedy Parcel Delivery Company Profile

Having a despatch system takes a lot out of my head... as I need to do everything, from marketing to hiring, invoicing, booking jobs, everything. Now I will be able to do a lot more and focus on getting more customers.

Cordic was the 1st professional system that seemed suitable for what I need to do was English, therefore local and reachable.

I remember I filled an online form and got a callback from Ruben. I was impressed with what the system could do; it was very inspiring. I became excited about the whole thing. I knew if I wanted a professional business, I had to invest in a professional system.

Since then, I have had a lot of training on the Cordic system. I have spent a lot of time speaking with Tina; she is fantastic, it was a pleasure to work with her she was always very patient and available should I need anything. 

We are still in the testing phase, but I am confident that he will make a difference, and it will all work out. I want to find and recruit new drivers who can work on Commission, and I also need to find another operator who can help me out and work with the system while I work on other things. I have already a list of drivers who are willing to work a few hours a day and hopefully it will get busier and busier.

Booking Automation

Booking automation helped Hampden Cars & AC Cabs taking more bookings without increasing the size of their call centres

“We have a busy call centre with a minimum staff of six to ten at weekends; this has also decreased due to automation as 50 per cent of our work comes in via apps, IVR, and Web Booker.” - Hampden Cars

“Around 45 per cent of our jobs are now taken automatically: approximately 15 per cent through the app and 30 per cent IVR. Our company has benefited from the whole package: the GPS tracking, Web Booker, every aspect.”AC Cabs

Interactive Voice Responder

In Eastbourne, call-a-cab manages a 100-car fleet with only 12 office staff, thanks to Cordic's I.V.R. technology

We have 12 office staff, a mixture of full-time and part-time, and we use the IVR system, which takes on a lot of the work. We were initially sceptical of using the IVR for various reasons, but it works very well with a very low rate of ‘no-jobs’. We also use the IVR to advertise our booking app and to warn of longer waits as peak times.

KV Cars

Cordic's system doesn't let you down.

"It doesn't let you down. I've worked with a few systems prior to Cordic, and it's the ease of use and efficiency that makes it the best for us." - KV Cars

AC Cabs

As a forward-thinking company, we pride ourselves on using Cordic

“As a forward-thinking company, we pride ourselves on using Cordic, in our opinion the most modern and intuitive dispatch system available. The system gives us the ability to fully track our taxis, record all our phone calls and ensure that wait times are kept to an absolute minimum, so our passengers can get from A to B as smoothly as possible.” 

“We have been using the Cordic system, along with the Vale telephone system, since 2013; we find the Cordic support second to none. Any issues and they’re on it straight away; this we believe is their biggest plus. We find the Cordic accounts side to be brilliant as well. “All in all we find it such a robust, user-friendly system we would recommend it to everyone.” 

Out of Town? No Problem!

Soft-Merger allowed Your Local Car to accept bookings even when they fall outside of their area

“The app also links with a vast network of other private hire companies in neighbouring districts and London, through Cordic’s Soft Merger Gateway. This enables Your Local Car customers to order a taxi out of the company’s own normal operating area. In turn, it allows the company’s drivers to get a return fare more easily, reducing dead mileage. The people who really benefit are the local customers, who can rely on Your Local Car to get them home, which was particularly important during the recent rail strikes on the commuter run to London!”

Your Local Car

Interactive Voice System (IVR)

IVR makes booking taxis easier and reduces the number of call operators need to manage in person

“Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) function means that ordering a taxi is now easier than ever… In addition, we also have a free and easy to use app; we made the best decision ever by setting the search to find the app to simply 334455.” AC Cabs

Multi-fleet helped Lawlor Cars manage their fleet acquisition

This move allowed us to give more accurate fixed prices and gave us the opportunity for a multi-fleet option

“By mid-May 2017 Ongar Cars was under the Lawlor Cars umbrella and our fleet and expansion plans were gaining momentum… and, to improve the running of our operations, we changed our booking and dispatch system to Cordic. This move allowed us to give more accurate fixed prices and gave us the opportunity for a multi-fleet option …” – Lawlor Cars

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