The system of choice by operators in the UK.

Known for producing robust and reliable systems, Cordic is currently the only dispatch system that supports job-sharing pools. Job sharing is a multi-fleet collaboration tool, key for the taxi industry's growth and expansion.

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Increase profitability 

Our job allocation algorithm ensures journeys are optimal and our software facilities fleet management so you can focus on the bigger picture.

More passenger bookings

We have developed user-centric booking platforms to increase conversion.  Passengers can book quickly and easily online, via app, or via phone. 

Attract and retain drivers

Our driver app is designed to encourage drivers to engage, allowing them to find and bid for jobs, visualise their performance, set goals, and much more.

Gain customer intelligence 

Our reporting tool provides essential booking information to help you make wise business decisions.   

Why choose Cordic?

  1. 1

    Make your passengers’ booking experience hassle-free and easy

  2. 2

    Help recruit and retain drivers with the necessary tools and incentives

  3. 3

    Give your account customers the flexibility to manage their bookings

  4. 4

    Tailored and automated options to support operators

  5. 5

    We offer a flexible and configurable system to meet all your business needs

We deliver leading edge solutions for the taxi and private hire market

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