Tools and apps to make your life easier and your business more efficient and cost-effective – with benefits for your passengers and operators too.

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For Passengers

Make your passengers’ booking experience hassle-free and easy

  • The Passenger App makes booking a taxi on the go quick and easy
  • The self-service app puts customers’ safety first with driver details and tracking information
  • Web Booker offers an embeddable quotation widget for fast quotes and allows the passenger to manage their bookings online
  • Tablet Booker, our self-service booking app, lets you get a quote and booking without the need for an office member

For Drivers

Help recruit and retain drivers with the necessary tools and incentives

  • A new and revised driver app
  • A fresh look and feel
  • Self-allocate jobs: bid for interestig jobs to start your day
  • Going home: Let the system know you're on your way home and get jobs in that direction
  • Flexible commission structures supported
  • Driver points support
  • Easily see stats and earnings from the app, facilitating keeping track of your work

For Fleets

Tailored and automated options to support operators

  • Relieves stress and frees up time for the important jobs with our booking automation
  • Simple and quick booking screen; tracking drivers
  • Communicating with passengers and drivers
  • Flight Tracker automation
  • Payment protection: peace of mind when making payments through the different platforms, thanks to 3D Secure and pre-authorisation support
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – boost your efficiency and reduce your call centre size. IVR, with passenger-to-driver calls, takes the pressure off your operators with 24/7 coverage

A system built for all

We offer a flexible and configurable system to meet all your business needs

  • Tailored to suit any size of business: Upscale as you go, only pay for what you use
  • Set up complex pricing scenarios: endless pricing scenarios available
  • Features can be switched on and off as needed

We deliver leading edge solutions for the taxi and private hire market

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