Pick-up locations can be difficult to find, such as with large events, festivals, or rural areas. Cordic is solving this problem by offering a revolutionary way of sharing precise locations to drivers without an address.

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Find any 3-square-metre in the world

Point to any 3-metre square location without the need for an address, using just an easy 3-word code.

Supported across all Cordic platforms

Passengers and operators can enter what3words addresses in the new Passenger App & WebBooker and the CallBooker.

Designed to minimise human error

Locations with similar what3words addresses are far away from each other, so you can be confident you have the correct address.

Communicate any location with just three words.

Find any precise 3-metre-square pick-up or drop-off location in just three words.

Available to your customers directly through the Passenger App or using the Web Booker and available to your Call Centre Operators, quickly and easily find any address without any risk of selecting the wrong address.

Similar sounding or spelling what3words addresses are deliberately spread across the world so you can be confident that the correct address has been set.

Send an SMS to help passengers find their exact location

Help your passengers find their precise location by sending them an SMS locator, directly from the operator's system. 

The SMS contains a link and instructions to easily fetch their what3words address, which will point to an exact 3-metre square location, ending the need for prolonged explanations and minimising error, thus saving time.

Let your customers know you offer a stress-free journey!

Pick-up and drop-off misunderstandings are a common reason for stress and delays, so your passengers and drivers will be happy to know this is a thing of the past with Cordic's what3words integration. 

There is a range of marketing assets available for you to use to promote your new feature to help you broadcast your messaging to your customers effectively.

The media pack includes social media banners, newsletter templates, video explainers, and more.

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what3words works seamlessly across all Cordic platforms

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