Wallboard Analytics

Visualise key live information on a digital Wallboard so that you can follow performance trends in real-time across the whole of your business.

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Measure business performance trends in real-time

Choose from information on booking methods, job stats, driver availability, and calls, to be displayed on a Wallboard.

Take action fast based on live-streaming data

Easily identify sudden changes in booking numbers and take quick action.

Design your own wallboard to suit your own KPIs

You can choose from a wide selection of performance data and time windows to suit your business.

Visualise performance data live from your Cordic system

You can spot real-time changes in your usual performance across a series of KPIs, such as:

√ Total jobs booked in the last hour

√ Total jobs booked by IVR, Apps, and Operator

√ Compare the number of bookings per channel today to the last seven days, the same time last week, or last month

√ Hundreds of possible KPI combinations

Act fast based on live data trends

Identify trends in real-time, such as a steady increase in app bookings, a jump in airport bookings, or an increase in undespatched jobs, and take action to maximise revenue.

Spot opportunities early and maximise your potential revenue by enabling easy visualisation of trends by the whole team on the wall of your office.

Extract and display third-party information

Wallboard Analytics can also show non-Cordic related content such as phone system information.

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