Flexible Pricing Matrix

Achieve great pricing accuracy automatically using Cordic's state-of-the-art pricing configuration matrix.

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Extremely configurable

Set-up pricing rules by postcodes, or draw areas on a map. A wide range of settings allows you to configure it exactly how you want to.

Better fare estimates, faster

Using pre-set criteria, fare estimates can be produced automatically and with greater accuracy as it consults the pricing matrix.

Reward loyalty

Taking care of your loyal customers and accounts has never been easier: configure pricing mechanisms in any way you want - we can facilitate any requirement.

Dynamic pricing made easy in just a few clicks

Save valuable time by easily pre-configuring your system just how you want it, so you can accept bookings fast, or even automatically.

√ No need to call support

√ Fully customizable to suit your specific needs

√ Real time update

A robust system that does not let you down

Cordic is well known for its system reliability and robustness, so you can rely on it.

Manage card bookings better

An integration with Stripe allows you to manage card bookings fast and efficiently without having to leave the platform.