Interactive Voice Response System

Be more efficient than ever before: our cutting-edge speech recognition tool will revolutionise any taxi or private hire company’s everyday business.

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State-of-the-art voice response

Speed up your operations.

Speed up your operations.

Complete 24/7 service.

Unlimited bookings made fast

Or disable the IVR system at peak times.

Easy to configure – with 24/7 coverage

Simple to set up to meet the speech, prompt and response needs of any company, available round the clock.

Full cloud integration

IVR integrates your Cordic booking software with a cloud phone system’s IVR features – your customers can book and check bookings without having to wait for an operator.

Access to detailed management statistics

One call lets you access accurate and up-to-date booking statistics from anywhere in the world.

Interactive Voice System (IVR)

IVR makes booking taxis easier and reduces the number of call operators need to manage in person

“Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) function means that ordering a taxi is now easier than ever… In addition, we also have a free and easy to use app; we made the best decision ever by setting the search to find the app to simply 334455.” AC Cabs

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