Driver App

Cordic has spared no effort in making driver's user experience as good as it can be.

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Communication is key

The Driver App allows drivers and controllers to exchange quick messages, with a selection of pre-typed messages for ease of use.

Visualisation made easy

Whilst the driver is working on shift, the workflow has been centred around the queue screen ensuring they can quickly see which areas have work available for them. The driver dashboard, contained within the app, also shows statistics about the drivers performance, included a breakdown of jobs per payment type, accepted vs rejected, and earnings.

Great features

Auto despatch with auto accept / reject, manual bidding, auto bidding, flag downs, allocate yourself a job to start your day, follow on jobs, text to speech for hands free, a driver dashboard and much more.

A complete dashboard in a mobile device

The Cordic Driver App allows messaging to and from the office, text to speech for hands free, a driver dashboard and much more. With the new driver dashboard, they can view details of their driver and vehicle documents, earnings and job stats. They can also view details about advance bookings allocated to them, pay off their account balance by credit card and view their ratings

Easy to use

Easy workflow that allows a driver to complete a job in 3 clicks: Arrive, Passenger On Board, Drop-off. Drivers can easily understand job information, accept or reject jobs, checke their earnings, future bookings, and everything else.

Queue visualisation

Drivers can see queues, bid for jobs, and move to queues in order to optimise their jobs.

Helps minimise human errors

You can set a minium distance around the pickup and drop off, which the driver must be within before they can press the 'Arrive' button or complete the job, preventing errors related to clicking buttons too soon or forgetting to click them.

The driver app also messages to prompt the driver if they haven't moved after accepting a job, or are moving in the wrong direction.