Booking Automation

Robust Automatic Booking & Dispatch. Extremely customisable, setup the system to do what you want, how you want it, and let the robust algortihm take care of everything else with its self-despatch capabilities.

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With no reported downtime, Cordic is known for its reliability. A system that does not break or crash means peace of mind for you and your business. Cloud hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring your data is 100% safe and secure.

Transparent Pricing

Charges are based per car, so you can choose a package that suits your businees needs. Choose add-ons or use just the core system, which is comes complete and robust.


Cordic is currently the only system that supports job-sharing between fleets, which increases bookings by increasing coverage and reducing dead mileage.

Cloud hosted

Access your cloud-based system anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Your data is fully backed-up and secure with Microsoft Azure.

Accounting & Billing support

Integrated automated billing, invoicing, and reporting that save time and increase accuracy.

Market-leading pricing matrix and accounts support

Configure complex pricing matrices, with tools for managing your corporate accounts easily and efficiently.


In addition to job-sharing pools, the system is integrated to leading aggregetors: Karhoo, Kabee, Addison Lee, Taxi Butler, and more.


Enhanced communication between passengers and drivers, drivers and controllers, including real-time messaging and live location.

Advanced Reporting

Set-up business intelligence reports and build a live dashboard to see how your business is doing in real time.

Booking Automation

Booking automation helped Hampden Cars & AC Cabs taking more bookings without increasing the size of their call centres

“We have a busy call centre with a minimum staff of six to ten at weekends; this has also decreased due to automation as 50 per cent of our work comes in via apps, IVR, and Web Booker.” - Hampden Cars

“Around 45 per cent of our jobs are now taken automatically: approximately 15 per cent through the app and 30 per cent IVR. Our company has benefited from the whole package: the GPS tracking, Web Booker, every aspect.”AC Cabs

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